Early Motown Hits | Listen on Spotify
When Berry Gordy Jr. established Motown records in 1959, he had one goal in mind: crossing over to pop charts. Thanks to Motown’s “Assembly Line”, within a few years, Motown was producing hits after hits. These are the years that Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye are in the beginning of their careers.

Southern Soul | Listen on Spotify
Southern soul is an enthusiastic kind of music. With its gospel influence, spontaneity, and rawness Southern soul exceeds the boundaries of popular music, unlike Motown. Stax and Atlantic are the main publishers of the genre. Beware of the Stax horns!

Papa Asked For Cool Jazz | Listen on Spotify
the art of controlled violence exhibited by its creators.

Atlantic Sound | Listen on Spotify
This playlist is comprised of hits that were produced by Atlantic Records, the house that Ahmet Ertegün built. Atlantic Records is one of the most successful independent labels of all time. These recordings can be considered as milestones for the music industry.

Delta Blues | Listen on Spotify
where it all began.